Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sailing With the Wind

Finally we are sailing with the wind!  It has taken 6 months, but we are no longer fighting head on into the wind.  We had a great day sail down the island yesterday and sailed a straight line to White House Bay.  Not a single tack there or back!  We had great wind and calm seas, a perfect combination for my mom, who gets motion sick riding in a car.  Turns out she doesn't get sick on sailboats. We spent the day sailing and snorkeling the caribbean side of St. Kitts.  Preston or "Eagle Eyes" found some treasure while snorkeling.  Not only did he find and earring, but found the back to the earring too.
We have been staying at the hotel with my parents and have enjoyed long, hot, showers and big comfy beds.  We pass a family of monkeys on the walk from the hotel to the boat everyday.  They chomp out little holes in coconuts and scrape the meat out with their little hands.


  1. Love the monkeys, they are so cool! What in the world is with that car? I bet that was a CRAZY ride.

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  3. Pres is "The man" to treasure hunt with. Could you find a good Windless motor down there?
    I don't see "Ocho" on that little car. could it be??? "Herbie

  4. You should train one of the monkeys to work the sails then take him with you! I'm sure he could get to the top of the mast faster than you guys!! I bet he would even take the night shift!