Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Testing Equipment

 A few months back we decided that we wanted to have some scuba gear on the boat with us.  We are all scuba certified and enjoy diving at every given opportunity.  Gear is essential to us on our journey.  Not only do we want to see the world above the sea, but we are just as interested in the world below the sea.  This is when the search began for some good yet used scuba gear in Utah, a landlocked state.  Used because we are on a budget and have found that there are some great deals on used items.  As you can imagine there is not a large demand for scuba gear here in Utah,  so when we finally found a guy selling 3 sets of gear, a bang stick, and a spear gun we jumped on that deal and ended up with 4 large scuba bags full of goodies.  Inside the bags are 5 wetsuits, 3 BC's, 3 regs w/ octopus, 3 masks, 4 snorkels, 2 sets of dive gloves, hand spear, spear gun, bang stick, 2 dive computers, and some misc. parts and toys.  After scoring the 4 bags we took my dad's ski boat up to a mountain lake and decided to "test" the new gear.

Of course one set of gear is XXL and doesn't fit any of us and the set that fits the best is the women's.  Good thing pink and fitted doesn't bother Preston or Dan.  Don't they look great in their new gear?  We are also very happy that we all have our own masks and snorkels because the used ones that we got were definitely used by a smoker.  I'm not sure how someone was able to smoke and dive at the same time, but that is what is smells and taste like.  These will become our spare sets and the sets we will have on board for all of our guests!!!!  I know you all can't wait to experience the thrill of smoking and snorkeling at the same time.  


  1. Love the pink wetsuit Dan. We are excited to smoke smoke something in the snorkel. Is that code for water pipe?

  2. I want to see some spear fishing like this guy: