Monday, October 22, 2012

Why a Boat?

Why sell your home? Why get rid of all your "stuff"?  Why a boat?  Why, why, why, why...... This is the question we get the most, and the answer is simple.  Why not?  Preston and I decided a few years ago that once we were married we would start closing up shop to push forward in our dream of buying a boat and sailing around the world.  Now here we are 3 garage sales later, countless items sold on KSL, up one boat, up one more crew member, and waiting patiently for the house to sell.  I did say patiently but we can't wait to get to Florida and move aboard our little "Jalapeño."  Speaking of our boat here she is.  Why is she a she?  I have no idea, and why is she a Jalapeño, because since the first day she wasn't anything but.

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